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Hey guys, did u remember this?

"Curiosities (Cosmic Rules = real):
- Psi from the name Psi Creed is the Greek letter Psi (Psy=Scy)
- 1 space year = 100 years
- Harkis = Spaceship
- Bakuru = Planets inhabitants (general definition)
- Aíris = Respirator (Device that made the host breath in every environment)"

so, let's see more curiosities and some words

Curiosity: the cronology is divided in two universal moments pre-war and post-war. The universal war was in the Andromeda System so, the time line is divided in: before Andromeda (bA) and after Andromeda (aA).
Andromeda is the galaxy where the war between the strongest Space Ranger (Rioku Mars) and the strongest Space Pirate (Alinor Neptune) had place.

Cosmic Rules' Organizations and hierarchy:
- Empire (Yrvlor)
   - Emperor/King (Yrvl)
   - 3 Oracles (3 Taba)
   - 7 Generals (7 Agzor)
- Space Rangers (Ranga)
  - Fleet Admiral (Maz-Glajor)
  - 3 Admirals (3 Glajor)
  - Vice Admirals (Suz-Glajor)
  - Captains (Tyjor)
  - Lieutenants (Lyjor)
  - Oficials (Saujor)
  - Cadets/Recruit (Rujor)
- Space Hunters (Jaquor)
  - Empire Hunters (Jaqyrv) - the Jaqyrv are Space Hunters that work for the Yrvlor (Empire). They have bounties like the other Jaquor (Hunters), but they do not be wanted and condemned because they work under the orders of the high powers of the galaxy. The Jaqyrv are, usualy, 5 and the titles are not indispensables. They can quit the title or they can be substituted because of death, dishoner to the Empire or expelled.
  - Bounty Hunters (Jaqar)
  - Safari Hunters (Jaqedo)
  - Collectors (Jaqant)
  - Killers (Jaqsin)
- Kingdoms (Kanglor) - the Kanglor are the kingdoms that exist (or can exist) in each planet. They are the ones that control and rule each zone in the planets or the entire planet, if it's the case, but they are under the orders and rules pf the Yrvlor.
- Space Pirates (Cosumi)

Hope you like it


Wanted Poster - Samu Jaga 'The Assassin' by MrCareca
Wanted Poster - Samu Jaga 'The Assassin'
Wanted Name: Samu Jaga "The Assassin"
Bounty: 30.000,00Gx
Type: Space Hunter
Cathegory: Killer Hunter
Buzzy Bee by MrCareca
Buzzy Bee
This is a small Spaceship called Buzzy Bee. It's the personal ship of the Space Hunter Samu Jaga.
It can have 3 people inside, maximum, and is very fast.
The Buzzy Bee has many laser guns and has a curiosity, the wings can change their position!
Samu Jaga by MrCareca
Samu Jaga
Name: Samu Jaga (SA-MU YA-GHA)
Age: 29 SpYears
Birth Planet: Reptille

Samu Jaga is a troublesome bakuru who works as a mercenary for the "Smart Bandit" Timonei Upara!
He is a Space Hunter that kills to get what he collects, bakuru's eyes.
He has a bounty of 30.000 Gioxis and although in his Wanted Poster he is mentioned as a Killer Hunter, he likes to considere himself as a Collector Hunter.


I'm very imaginative and creative. I love Japan (my dream is to go to Japan). I love manga and marvel comics =P and i like anime very much

Current Residence: portugal
Favourite genre of music: rock, pop,...
Favourite style of art: all of them:P
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: err... my cell phone...
Wallpaper of choice: naruto shippuuden
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto!!! and Gaara :D and kisame and Kurosaki Ishigo and Kempashi
Personal Quote: pk temos de viver cada dia como se fosse o ultimo

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